Zero B Water Softener


  • ★ Gives the purest form of soft water, reduces hair loss and stops skin ailments.
  • ★ Increases the life span of expensive bathroom and kitchen appliances.
  • ★ Reduces plumbing problems with scale deposition on bathroom fittings.
  • ★ Makes utensils retain their shine of a longer span of time (depending on hardness of water with high TDS level
  • ★ Prevents fabrics from losing their natural look and feel.
  • ★ Saves exorbitant electricity bills because if functions without electricity.
  • ★ Soft water available at the twist of a knob.
  • ★ Easy to recharge (for soft water).
  • ★ Display remaining soft water, flow rate, and progress cycle.
  • ★ Backwash flushes remaining salt from the system to drain.
  • ★ Fast rinse ensures that the Softenizer is all set for softening once again.
  • ★ Automatically adjust the recharging time to suit your charging water.

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